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Creative Team

Name Role
Diego Medvedocky Chief Creative Officer
Juan Jose Posada Chief Creative Officer
Sebastian Benitez Executive Creative Director
Camilo Monzón Creative Director
David Muñoz Creative Director
Diego Aguilar Creative Director
Alvaro Giraldo Creative Director
Curt Sebastián Mallarino Creative
Carlos García Art Director
Sergio Álvarez Art Director
Jhonnathan Ramirez Art Director
Sergio Oviedo Copywriter
Camila Sierra Copywriter
Juan David Vásquez Copywriter
Mario Peñalosa Copywriter


CNNS 2021: Media / BronzeCNNS 2021: Social and Influencer / BronzeCNNS 2021: Social and Influencer / Shortlist
Award Award Year Category Level
2021 Media Bronze
2021 Social and Influencer Bronze
2021 Social and Influencer Shortlist
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